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KTC AITA Rs.1 Lakh Mens Tennis Tournament 2019

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MGC NS AITA U18 Tennis Tournament 2019 Singles Winners

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Post Match Guidelines

Wholistic Tennis Guidelines for Post-Match
Happy Bhalla
Wholistic Tennis

1) Try and spend some time alone and watch your emotions: how does winning make you feel? How does losing make you feel?
2) Do not act or make decisions when you are still in the throes of the emotions resulting from the outcome of the match. Just observe all that is happening to you and forego all action until you have regained your centeredness and perspective.
3) When this initial period has passed, write down all your observations and thoughts about the match
4) Whether you have won or lost the match, the single most important factor at its conclusion is recovery: both physical and mental. Physical recovery usually involves stretching, perhaps a little jogging and maybe even a visit to the trainer or physical therapist. Mental recovery usually involves some fun or relaxing activities unrelated to tennis. The length of this mental recovery period should be as long as it takes for the enthusiasm to train and hit the ball to return.
5) If you won the match and have to play again soon then you will need to examine what you have written and either practice if there is a part of your game that needs immediate attention or simply allow extra recovery time.
6) If you lost the match, when the time is right return to the court and gym and gear your practices towards the lessons learned from the previous match or tournament and mesh these observations with your long-term developmental needs.
7) Basically, not much should change after one match. You should have a clear understanding of your long and short term goals. Resist the temptation to panic. Stay focused on your long term goals.
8) Do not return to the practice court out of guilt or a missed place sense of professionalism. Your time on the court will not be productive unless you are totally THERE! You will know when the time is right.
9) Every player should have a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and what they are trying to do on the court in competition and know what they need to do to get to the next level (which is an on-going process). If this is not the case, you need to find a coach to help you!

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