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Celebrate Tennis - 23 Dec 18

Celebrate Tennis - 23 Dec 18

Celebrate Tennis - 23 Dec 18

Tips for Good serving

Good servers are very coordinated, and use what we call a coordination chain in the body to make the racket go as fast as possible.
The chain starts from the ground, and you may have noticed that good servers bend their knees before driving the legs up towards the ball.
This then transfers into the hips, which turn along with the upper body to make the shoulder go fast.
This all helps to accelerate the throwing action of the arm and the wrist to make the racket (which is usually held in a chopper grip) go very fast through the ball.
The result of this great acceleration through the body is that the body leaves the ground and it appears that the player is jumping. This jumping is not inherited but a result of the acceleration of the whole coordination chain of the body.

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